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Originally Posted by pinhodecarlos View Post
My client seems not able to upload the results. I'm using prpclient-5.3.0-windows with the latest cllr version.

[2017-05-16 20:07:14 GDT] CRUS1400: 14361*2^4906590-1 is not prime.  Residue 4D46A1106E4FE654
[2017-05-16 22:13:16 GDT] CRUS1400: 101746*2^4906624+1 is not prime.  Residue B238AFF5120A496E
[2017-05-16 22:13:16 GDT] Total Time:  3:40:32  Total Work Units: 2  Special Results Found: 0
[2017-05-16 22:13:17 GDT] CRUS1400: Returning work to server at port 1400
[2017-05-16 22:13:17 GDT] CRUS1400: ERROR:  Test for 14361*2^4906590-1 was rejected.  The server could not parse the message
[2017-05-16 20:07:14 GDT] Server: CRUS1400, Candidate: 14361*2^4906590-1  Program: start.bat  Residue: 4D46A1106E4FE654  Time: 5670 seconds
[2017-05-16 22:13:16 GDT] Server: CRUS1400, Candidate: 101746*2^4906624+1  Program: start.bat  Residue: B238AFF5120A496E  Time: 7562 seconds
Please upgrade your client. This was a fix from 5.3.1:

Fix issue where last character of LLR residue was truncated before it was reported.
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