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Originally posted by PrimeCruncher
Okay, pretty simple question here:

When running Prime95, does the electricity consumption of the computer increase?

The reason I ask is that the CPU temp rises, but is that because the FP is now in heavy use or is it because it needs more electricity to power it? This is a question I'm liable to be asked when I borg those P3s, so I'd like to go in with a difinitive answer rather than a 'I don't think so.'
In fact, the CPU temp rises because the FP is in heavy use, that meaning that many more transistors are being switched on and off constantly, which implies that more electricity is being used. The values measured by several people in this forum point to an increase of 40 to 50 W when doing LL testing comparing to idle mode. Trial Factoring increases the power consumption by a smaller amount. But those values are for P4s and Athlons. P3 should consume less. You may reassure the owners of the borged P3s they won´t go bankrupt by allowing you to run P95 on them ...

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