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srfile can't handle candidate-files for twin-search!

If you want to sieve for twins with n=666777 and with kmin=1 (or 2) / kmax=1M using tpsieve, you need a file with kmax < pmin, so for this example sieve with NewPGen upto p=1M first.

If you got a multicore, use a file called "tpconfig.txt" and insert a line containig the number of threads. So for a Quad insert
After NewPGen'ing you got a file (named say '666777.txt') like this
75 666777
165 666777
765 666777
1239 666777
1431 666777
and now you can call tpsieve with
tpsieve -i 666777.txt -p 2e6 -P 1e9
Here 'pmin' is the the sieve-depth of the NewPGen file in the header line.

Now tpsieve will sieve in 4 threads upto p=1e9. I've not yet tested/compared the timings for NewPGen and tpsieve.

To consider: tpsieve will find multiple factors of one candidate, NewPGen don't!

To remove the factors tpsieve will find (in a file called 'tpfactors.txt'), you have to use a script!
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