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On my PC, NewPGen is faster than tpsieve for one n.

If you still want to use tpsieve, click the start menu, click "Run...", and then type in "cmd". The command prompt will come up, and you should type "cd [file that tpsieve is in]". Once that's done, type in:

tpsieve -i (name of file) -p 10e9* -P 20e9** -N 666777

*lower limit of range. One example is to use 10e9 to begin sieving from p=10G.
**upper limit of range. One example is to use 20e9 to finish sieving at p=20G.

By the way, would you be interested in testing n=390000? The testing times are faster, and you have a greater chance of finding a twin. Reservations are available here:

edit: Unlike NewPGen, tpsieve only gives you a list of factors; it doesn't remove them from the file. You need to remove those factors from the sieve file manually or write a separate program to do so.

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