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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
I'm hitting problems with connecting to a PostgreSQL database through ODBC. Everything is running on a single 64-bit Fedora 15 system, so there's no worries about network configs, firewalls, etc.
I haven't dealt with ODBC for a very long time, but I do have some experience debugging network and server problems under Linux...

Some suggestions:

1. Do you have SELinux enabled? If so, in enforcing or permissive mode?

1.1. SELinux can cause problems beyond simple Firewall rules -- it can prevent software within a machine from working if it's doing "unusual" things.

2. If you can, have you tried having the server on one box, and the client on another?

2.1. tcpdump and/or Wireshark can be your best friend, letting you "sniff the wire".

3. What do (all) your logs tell you?

...for what that is worth.
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