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You did not answer my question about not running on CPUs when CUDA-LLR becomes more efficient. The rest of your arguments are much stronger against the entire prime-testing hobby than they are against using a GPU specifically. Since I'm not going to stop primality testing, and am fully aware of the cost of electricity, I still fail to see the strength of your position that GPUs are a worse idea than any other primality testing, particularly when my GPU is *more* efficient than a P4.

I don't follow your analogy about taking baths, unless you're comparing a bath to a shower. In the case of prime searching, we have thousands of numbers waiting in line for a shower, and I have an unused bathtub on my GPU- one which hardly uses more water than a shower.

There are very few people on this forum who have work-per-watt as their highest priority. if you do, you should be underclocking your CPUs, as the voltage cut improves work-per-watt. But then, you trade off the electricity savings vs the extra cost of the nice fast chip you're not taking full advantage of. For the rest of us, we'll take the maximum work rate we can get at a reasonable cost.
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