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All right, thanks.

BTW, I just ran into the first DodecaProth for n=70:
14494401979227555 70 [2E16]

Note that k has 17 digits. k*2^n+/-1 members have 38, while 2^n+/-k have 22 digits. One leg on the left and one on the right.

I'm also enclosing a Pari script I use to verify DodecaProths and count legs. To use it start Pari from the folder where you saved the file, then type:
gp> read("isddp.txt")
gp> isddp(14494401979227555,70)
14494401979227555 70 is DodecaProth! ... Left_legs=1, Rigth_legs=1.
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