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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
a factor of 10 - Additive, multiplicative, logarithmic, what? And which factor of 10, 2 or 5?

My webpage on the history and various useful applications of what is these days commonly known as the Newton-Raphson iterative-approximation method notes this re. the ancient Babylonians:

Getting back to the Latin, I came across a useful phrase recently in the context of one of the Sopabox threads: "Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi." I believe Orwell's version of the concept was "some animals are more equal than others." Paul, help me out - is the c in 'licet' pronounced like the one in 'license' or like the ch in linchpin'? And the pronunciation is the same as in 'vici'? (E.g. J. Caeser's famous 'veni, vidi, vici'.)
After your needlessly obtuseness summarized by yout first question, I feel disinclined to give you a straight answer to your final question. You bloody well know that I meant that, IMO, at least 100 people alive today can read the language.

I'm feeling generous. The evidence is overwhelmingly in favour that Brutus, his friends, Romans and countrymen would have pronounced it with a hard second consonant and two short vowels as in "lick-ett". Softening the c before e and I came much later.

Have you read "1066 And All That"? I guess not, otherwise you would be familiar with the "Weeny, Weedy, Weaky" joke.

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