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Originally Posted by diep View Post
Yes i'm bit more advanced here with the robotics experience and busy releasing a 3d printer which even has SSR's (solid state relays).

In this case it would be a simple relay that gives a little voltage for a few seconds taking care the machine gets booted.

So the booting of the machine is no big deal. It's starting and stopping the srsieve automatically. In this case i would run 36 instances at 36 cores obviously.

How to connect from the booted computer to the monitoring hardware is yet another good question not yet answerred.

Might simply put it on a network with a simple r-pi maybe.

Easier to program there would be an arduino for me - but those do not connect to a network.

Only have an usb cable which is tricky at any OS to communicate to (losing sometimes connection is also always a possibility with USB though lucky doesn't happen much).

The r-pi has an ethernet port and i still have some old 100 mbit hubs here :)

So i do not know how to solve the srsieve stopping and restarting - the rest is peanuts.
Keeping machine turned on is not an option. Idle wasting 150-200 watt or so and under full load 310 watt + gpu.
man 8 cron

USB ethernet or WiFi adapter.
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