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Originally Posted by odicin View Post
Hmm.. Not having any problems to connect on port 2000 on my side ;)
Yeah, it's just these particular boxes at work; none of my home boxes have a problem talking to port 2000. The best guess I can come up with is that perhaps the firewall at work is more aggressive about closing connections if they take too long to get through.

Are you running Windows, Linux, or Mac? My home boxes (which can connect fine) are running Windows but the work boxes run Linux. I'm wondering if that might be related to the difference (perhaps the Linux distro in use there - Fedora 24 - is configured to have stricter connection timeouts; but I would think that's something the PRPnet client would specify itself when making networking API calls, so it would seem strange for the OS to be the problem).
Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
I will also try clearing out some old results from port 2000. Perhaps that will help.
That would be great, thanks! Whatever's causing the specific problem I'm seeing, the huge amount of past results in port 2000 is almost certainly the root cause of why the server is (by far) the slowest to respond of all our servers.

9000 could also use some cleaning out too (especially with new work being loaded) - it's no speed demon either.

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