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FYI @Gary: Port 9000 will dry out (at n=1.5M) in a few hours. I've had some fairly heavy resources on it for the last month which have managed to push it quite a bit farther than port 2000.

(I would've preferred to work on port 2000 since it's farther behind, but for some reason these particular computers have a hard time connecting to it. Something to do with it having a more heavily loaded database and taking longer for the server to respond to requests; for whatever reason, these clients are more sensitive to timeouts and 2000 can never respond fast enough. 9000 is just faster enough, apparently. Rather weird, since I've got a Windows box on a much worse Internet connection which has happily connected to 2000 for years...maybe there's a more aggressive firewall on the work boxes that's closing the connections quickly.)

I'm planning to move these boxes back to CRUS after 9000 gets to n=1.5M, but I'm sure the others on the port will appreciate some new work.

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