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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
My guess is generally a). Lots of memory allows stage 2 to be completed in fewer passes by increasing number of relative primes per pass.
Technically, yes. Practically, no. P95/mprime will spend about the same time on your assignment, unless you play with B2, but more memory will increase the chance to find a factor in stage 2. That is because B2 is selected according with the available memory, and also Brent-Suyama extension will run "deeper" in stage 2 if you have more memory. For the same B2, yes, it is like kriesel says, but you will notice that increasing the memory before starting the assignment will result in P95 selecting a larger B2, for example.

If your stage 2 already started, decreasing the memory will restart from scratch, and increasing the memory has no effect for time, even if you quit and restart. The assignment runs with the settings from the checkpoint file. However, your chances to find a factor with Br-Su increases a bit.

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