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Default P-1 memory

I am testing an Imac with 32 GB of RAM, a 4-cores IvyBridge and Windows 10 installed.

I gave 8GB of RAM to mprime to run P-1 work on M87,656,xxx: mprime takes 8GB of RAM and starts stage 2 with E=6 (I suppose it's a selection of Brent-Sujama extensions). Stage 2 runs in one single pass of 192 relative primes.

Giving more RAM (say 12/24GB) to P-1 would end up in:
a) A quicker stage 2?
b) A slower stage 2 with a better chance to find factors?

I suppose b) is the correct answer, but to be sure I'm asking here.

I also assume the same for ECM (especially for fat Fermat numbers).
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