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Originally Posted by Graff View Post
Yes, I've already worked 79.3M-82.0M to 2^63 and am currently doing
82.0-83.0M to 2^63. At the moment there seems to be no way to
track ranges above 79.3M, like the assignment tracking system in
the LMH forum.
Well, the v5 web pages provide factoring limits information all the way up to 1000M (1G)--as for an assignment tracking system, wouldn't that be somewhat easy to set up here in the >79.3M forum? Most of the information in this subforum is way outdated anyway, so such a system could be started as a clean slate (thus not requiring lots of digging through this subforum to determine who did what)--all that would be needed is to use the v5 server pages to determine which ranges are factored to what levels.
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