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Originally Posted by bur View Post
Ok, manually updating the abcd file is what I do now. I thought is was a neat feature of srsieve to include this info in the abcd file, why doesn't sr2sieve?
The -t option isn't accepted. I just get the message: "unknown option -- t".
Again, sr2sieve is designed to work over multiple machines and some sneakernet. If you have machine #1 sieve 10T to 30T, and machine #2 sieve 30T to 50T, machine #2 would be mistaken to mark the input file as sieved to 50T for two reasons:
1. The factors haven't been removed yet
2. The factors from 10-30T aren't on machine #2.

It is more consistent and leads to fewer mistakes in software usage for sr2sieve to not change the input file at all.

Edit: I think threads only works on linux. If you're using windows, pretty sure you're out of luck. You could try the linux shell within win10?

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