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Installing on a fresh machine is basically fine.

But I'm now in a situation where nvidia-sim can't find the device, and downloading the .deb and doing 'sudo apt-get install cuda' just tells me 'cuda is already the newest version'.

sudo apt-get purge cuda; sudo apt-get install cuda also does very little

sudo apt-get remove cuda
sudo apt-get install cuda
re-downloads Java and half of X11, and still leaves me in a situation where nvidia-smi can't find the device.

I'll try again using the run-file that nvidia ship; after a reboot (I really would prefer a solution with no reboots - this is a compute node, I aim to have twelve gnfs-lasieve jobs running 24/365) I get a new exciting unhelpful message

pumpkin@pumpkin:~$ nvidia-smi
Failed to initialize NVML: GPU access blocked by the operating system
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