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Here is the poly for 39^158+1:
 # norm 5.644615e-015 alpha -7.931357 e 2.775e-012 rroots 3
skew: 1813413.83
c0: -26576343119721934097475724487682275175
c1: 58618135712883968651879051388681
c2: -21402685978619238283492841
c3: -24030041819615310289
c4: 13579142843224
c5: 4598160
Y0: -415948918490177005559476926358
Y1: 30809158838486467
I am now working on the third of Chris' numbers. Or was it already done?
Edit: Ah, seems post 121 refers to this third number. I'll stop my search now, run npr on the overnight data, and report if I found a better poly.
Edit2: Nothing of use. I am now working on the 3rd number from post #85. Firejuggler, the 4th number from post 85 has had no work yet.

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