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1.51, svn 845 (I think). April 2013 download, premade binary. It should be the newer/lower E-values.

My GPU also drives my main screen, and the only time response has slowed was on the C210 sextic search. I've run cuda-LLR for 12 months straight, and now poly select, with no apparent effect on the screen. I suggest you get CUDA drivers installed and test things out- if nothing else, you can see how many hits you get overnight on the card. My mobile-GPU part isn't all that fast, and still can produce 8 hrs' worth of -nps work in just an hour or two. So, just overnight GPU -np1 runs might produce more than enough data for stage 2 needs.

Yes, I am game for at least a half-dozen candidates after those already posted by you and Chris.

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