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5 days on a 460M for Lorgix' second C157 has produced no strong polys. Here's the best, with msieve suggesting 2.01 to 2.31 as the expected range:
# norm 2.916149e-015 alpha -7.119644 e 1.883e-012 rroots 5
skew: 1639936.64
c0: 8532868550138516311046827336336400640
c1: 70998128199694820805749331912482
c2: -52696319235656576134337513
c3: -75162003432935559781
c4: 19930163724423
c5: 8036784
Y0: -860303108391035434159057424509
Y1: 44662544129823973
I'm starting 39^158+1, the second of Chris' C155s. I'll let it run while I'm in Vegas the next 4 days, and report a poly Saturday for it. Once that's done I'll return to the rest of Lorgix' numbers. In the meantime, could someone beat this poly please?
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