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Unfortunately I cannot help you with your problem. But I have one request for you. I think many users are interested in the performance of your quite expensive 6700 XT with gpuowl.

I need the software timings (iteration times in µs/it) for for the first 300000 iterations for a specific exponent.
I am currently creating a benchmark list in (.ods) format, which better reflects the performance for gppuowl than which is better suited for CudaLucas You can use Linux or Windows-version, the values ​​should only differ by a few percent. The Linux version is around 5-10% faster. The windows version works without any further installation effort.

gpuowl -iters 300000 -prp 77936867

Fastest Windows Version (with Proofs) for most FFT sizes

Linux binary version Ubuntu 18.04

Thread with hints for fine tuning (probably like 6900XT)

Downloadlink for .ods sheet (with no macros) LibreOffice Calc 7

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