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Question Radeon RX 6700XT Error on GFN-15 trough GFN-19

For some reason i get error when trying to run GFN-15 trough GFN-19
GFN-20 (that have same requirements, run with no problems)
GFN-21 and GFN-22 that have same requirements plus additional double precision requirement run with no problems

Why can't i run the smaller tasks when the big ones run fine?

the errors GFN-15 trough GFN-19 is giving me is as follows:

The system cannot find the device specified.
(0x14) - exit code 20 (0x14)</message>
geneferocl 3.3.3-2 (Windows/OpenCL/32-bit)

Then it starts running anyway and about a few minutes in to the task i get this error:

maxErr exceeded for 134332300^65536+1, 1.0000 > 0.4500
Errors occurred for all available transform implementations
Waiting 10 minutes before attempting to continue from last checkpoint...

Then it starts over and over and over and...........

I'm running Windows 10 Enterprice
Asus Tuf gaming X570 mother
Ryzen 9 3900X
32 GB ram
Sapphire NITRO+ AMD Radeon™ RX 6700 XT

as i said... all other Primegrid tasks run fine. Even "Do You Feel Lucky? (GFN World Record)" run with no problem on my system... but the smaller Generalized Fermat Prime Search from 15 to 19 wont run....
I believe the problem is that those tasks it want to use OCL2 transform for those smaller tasks... but as i said i don't know?
How to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance
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