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I've updated the Mlucas reference thread somewhat, and added a list of the last several versions, with links to the corresponding threads, and a wish list, and a bug list.

A couple minor issues have been discussed in PM with Ernst but not appeared in Mlucas forum threads before now IIRC:

When there is a restart in P-1 stage 2, the following result record for P-1 stopped/restarted in stage 2 has 1970-01-01 midnight as time stamp, instead of the actual completion time.

P-1 factors found at a GCD early in stage 2 are reported as if they were found in stage 1, with only stage 1 bound given, omitting whatever the effective stage 2 bound was. (Gpuowl v7.x also does this.) This may be considered feature-absence rather than bug.

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