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Or, not really off topic, more like a praise to your tutorial, but from a different angle...

I have a couple of Radeon VII cards that I wanted to use for mining, but they got a ridiculously low hash rate under win7, i.e. half of what I read on the dedicated forums they should achieve. Struggled with windoze drivers for a while, went as much back as installing drivers from 2015, and wasted a week for it (in the evenings, after working time, come home, eat, take a shower, 4-5 hours in front of the computer every evening!, even one or two sleepless nights), but to no result. With this or that (old) driver I got more or less hash rate, but no cigar. As I didn't like the "dedicated for mining" operating systems (like HiveOS or so, you never know where your profit goes...) I decided to run Ubuntu from a stick.

I disconnected all my disks (afraid of bugs in the mining software, I won't install that on a computer where I do the banking and internet shopping stuff), ran the 'buntu, from a stick, got some courage after dealing with colab and puting my nose into other people's scripts (Teal, Dan, Chris, DanaJ, etc, thank you all!), then I put Ubuntu on a 64G external SSD (thing costs $8 on Lazada and it is bloody fast!), then wasted few more days (!) - no joke - dealing with installing AMD drivers and trying to convince OpenCL to run on my mini-buntu.

That is a f'king laborious stuff, did you see the tutorials on the web? (rhetoric question, no need answer). Grrr... I learned more Linux with this task than I learned in the last 35 years. I mean, we had a 2 or 3 semesters Linux course in the last years of the uni, but that was in the very incipient phase of it, we (collective we) were thinking more how to convince the female colleagues to go on dates with us than to write bash files, that was 35 years ago, and I never used it seriously ever since, except for small stuff now and then. In conclusion, I suck at Linux.


I was almost ready to give up with making OpenCL run on it, I followed different tutorials, etc., I even got to the stage that I was running the clinfo from a directory and all cards were properly identified, but when I was running the same clinfo from another folder there was no graphic card installed. Which pissed me off terrible.

But then I said, ok, if I am in this stage already, let's see if I can make gpuOwl running, to see at least if the Linux version is faster than the Windows version. Hint: it is not. They are the same. More or less. But to get to that stage, I had to follow the tutorial from this thread. Which is mostly similar with other tutorials I already followed, from other forums or youtube. After some more adventures owned to my stupidity, it got me running OpenCL and gpuOwl eventually.

After seeing that the Linux version is not faster at doing PRP and P-1, i said, ok, back to windows, and I was ready to plug the SSD and the stick, and put back the windoze HDDs. But, you know the drill, if we are here, let's see if the miner runs, before demolishing the house....


I don't know what went wrong, and then, what went right, but we are mining ETH with ~90 Mhashes per second per card after we followed your tutorial on installing OpenCL. . No "speed patch" applied (there is a collection of them on the web, but they don't "smell good", we still need the cards in the future!, so we don't want the magic smoke out yet, therefore no undervoltage and no overclocking for now! - albeit people say such unorthodox tricks can bring you about 20-25% more hash rate).

Edit: the million dollars question is if such unorthodox tricks can bring you 25% more GHzdays when crunching primes too... We may study that latter... :huh_don_t_we_have_a_smiley_turning_pages_?:


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