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Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
It's bitter/sweet for me. I have my Q6700 on @ 2.66GHz and my new Core i5 laptop running at about 4 x 1.8GHz equivalent. But there are 4 more fast cores here that people want to actually use for computing. The cheek of it!
Is it a laptop or desktop? If a laptop, then I can understand why people wouldn't necessarily want the CPU running full tilt if they're planning to use it, but for a desktop there isn't really any perceptible difference. (Not that it's always easy to explain that to a non-techie...)
Originally Posted by Beyond View Post
There are no primes on port 9000, you need to switch to a different port, may I suggest 3500....
Ah, but primes come in bunches--9000 is just in between bunches right now. When they come, it will be a windfall (like the one that hit 3000 earlier today).
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