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Default Post processing for 2,757-

A brief update on how we are getting on with the factorization of 2,757-, aka M757, since the sieving finished just over three weeks ago.

The raw data came to around 4 gigabytes, so manipulating files of that sort of size was not trivial.

Fifteen days was spent filtering out the useful data from the useless and then boiling down the former. The merging stage reduced what would have been a matrix with 40 million rows and columns to one which has "only" 7,522,873 rows and 7,525,487 columns.

The linear algebra to find linear dependencies in this7.5M matrix began on 28th October and is still going, 8 days later. Progress is mostly steady (we had a few interruptions for various reasons which lost us about 8 hours running in total) and is expected to take another three weeks or so.

The linear algebra alone will take over a cpu-year though this is, of course, only a fraction of the resources the sieving used.

When the linear algebra has finished, it should be a matter of a few hours before we know the factors.

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