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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
One further thing: the specimen shown in the web site is likely at least 30 years old. Unless you pay an absolute fortune you will get a plant with a diameter of a foot or less at the base and it will grow outwards by about 2-4 inches a year in my experience.

Phyllostachys bamboos grow much faster, which is why you should have a barrier, and tend to be rather less expensive because they are easy to propagate and the nursery doesn't need to look after them for so long before they reach a saleable size.
I suppose I will need to compare the cost of getting multiple smaller Fargesia or fewer Phyllostachys but with the barrier material. Would the 24 inch wide barrier be deep enough? It seems they go up to 36 inches wide but I'm sure I could overlap them if needed.

Here's some pictures of the area where these will be planted, in case it's helpful:
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