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You may want to setup a "PauseWhileRunning" or "LowMemWhileRunning" entry in your prime.txt

From undoc.txt:
In rare cases, users have reported the program can interfere with the
performance of some programs such as disk defragmenters and some games.
You can pause the program automatically when these programs are running by
adding this line to prime.txt:
The [n1], [n2] values are optional and indicate the number of worker threads
to pause when prog1 and prog2 are running.  The default value for n1 and n2
is to pause all worker threads.  Note that the program will pause if the program
name matches any part of the running program's file name.  That is "foobar"
will match "c:\foobar.exe", "C:\FOOBAR\name.exe", and even "C:\myfoobarprog.exe".
Also, if prog1 is "*" the program will pause no matter what.  Examples:
	PauseWhileRunning=*[1] during 6-7/2:00-3:00
	PauseWhileRunning=* during 23:00-24:00 else decomp[1],mygame[2]
The first example pauses one worker thread on Saturday and Sunday between
2AM and 3AM.  The second example pauses all workers between 11PM and 12AM and
pauses 1 worker if decomp is running and 2 if mygame is running.
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