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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
This happens not only with LL, but with PRP too, albeit not so often (the jacobi check is more prone to undetected errors than the GC). In the past I try to convince Mihai to keep a history with all checkpoints in gpuOwl (the same way cudaLucas is doing) and not only the last checkpoints, so you could resume from an older one, in case the newest one fails the same way your failed. But the argument was not strong enough so he wasn't convinced
Quite pointless for a good implementation. But you have to be a little careful, because you can get also an FFT error in the error check [and also when you update the ladder prod(t=0,k,b**(2**(t*L))) ]
, if there is absolutely no randomization in your code then you get the same FFT error (so error>0.5), and you fall in a cycle.
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