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Originally Posted by Rodrigo View Post
That worked, thank you!!

Now I have two cores working on separate exponents. Curiously, the one that just got added is estimated to be finished in 101 days, as opposed to the original one which was 108 days.
Most likely, either (or both) of two things is at play here: a) one exponent may be a little larger than the other; b) one of them may need P-1 and the other not. (See below.)

Worker #2 is shown as working at "P-1 stage 1" of its assigned exponent. But I had set the preference for LL. Is that all right? (I understand that I should set the RAM much higher for P-1 work.)
Ideally, all prospective LL candidates would have their P-1 work already done by people who have their preferences specifically set to do P-1. However, GIMPS is currently a little short of people doing dedicated P-1, so they can't completely keep up with the rate of LL assignments. Whenever you're assigned an LL test that is not finished being "pre-tested" (TF to the standard level, P-1 done), that pre-testing will be completed before starting the actual LL to ensure that you don't waste your time on a big, long LL if a factor can be found more easily to eliminate the exponent.

Trying to develop an understanding of the process. Task Manager does now show both cores running at 100%. Does this happen only if the computer isn't working on anything else?
Yes. As other applications request CPU time from the operating system's scheduler, Prime95 automatically "makes room" for them; because its worker threads are set to Low priority, the OS scheduler just gives applications with higher priority (pretty much everything) precedence when they ask for CPU cycles. For instance, it's not uncommon to have a web browser that intermittently uses about 15% or so of the CPU; at those times, Prime95 would decrease to 85%. In the end, all cycles are put to use doing something.

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