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1) For maximum throughput, set it to the number of "cores" on your machine. In your case, two. Each worker window processes its own exponent.

2) Set this to "number of cores on your machine" / "number of worker windows".

Your machine could be set up to run 2 worker windows each using 1 core, OR 1 worker window using 2 cores (but this will be less than twice as fast)

3) Task manager. Prime95 should be getting close to 100% of the CPU time.

4) Yes. You could do double-checking which will take about a quarter of the time.

5) See readme.txt. The 8MB setting is fine -- the extra memory can only be used during stage 2 of P-1 factoring. If you have memory available 500MB should be pretty good. Yes, there are definitely diminishing returns, but it is complicated to provide an exact formula.

6) My fault, I'm lazy. On second thought it's also Microsoft's fault. They've changed help file formats and tools several times and I lack the motivation to relearn this stuff every few years.

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