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Hi all,

As some of you may have noticed, the ROLP subforum's whole password-protected setup has been confusing the heck out of some other mersenneforum members. In the course of the aforelinked thread's discussion, it was discovered that the password I thought we'd been using all this time really didn't work!

I mentioned in that thread that we have our new ROLP forum, which doesn't need to be password protected, at the new NPLB forums. Which got me thinking: how would everyone feel if we simply delete the old ROLP forum, and move it officially to the new one, since there's really nothing much of consequence in the old forum in the first place? I can copy over Gary's welcome message rather easily without having to wait for the big transferral of data to the new forum.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Personally, I would be in favor of moving the ROLP forum now, because for such a low volume of discussion, it sure hogs up a lot of real estate on the NPLB forum page. I find that even on my rather large 19-inch monitor (1280x1024 resolution), I have to scroll down to see the first of the non-stickied threads. Removing the whole subforum box would go a long way towards alleviating this problem.

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