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Originally Posted by mfgoode
Uncwilly: No matter. Strange how knowledge is intertwined.
You are right its not exactly mentioned in the Bible but has a connection from Greek Mythology.
However Elijah did build an altar 1Kings 18:32 KJV. The whole chapter should be read to get the full reference to the Context and matter under discussion.

For the problem itself and the two other related problems and the clear account of the doubling of the altar read a bit down

Uncwilly: I have had trouble opening up this URL given above from this forum.
Maybe you have too.
Well, Where there is a will there is a way.

Google - Chios doubling the cube- select about the third entry down
which is CUBE and you should get the works- all three problems I mentioned
and their solutions why they cannot be solved plus the account of the DELIAN priests and doubling the cubical altar.
So the origin is Greek Mythology and not Biblical.
All the best

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