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Originally Posted by wombatman View Post
Thanks to your help, I'm getting closer. After rebuilding the filelist, I was able to run the dup2 commands. When I try and start the primary python script, it fails again because it's looking for a file that doesn't exist (dup1.1.0000.gz). I checked both the dup1.filelist.1 file and the purge.filelist.1 files. The purge filelist had files that no longer exist in them, so I pared it down to only the two files (plus the freerels.gz) I had created: dup1.0.0000.gz in folders 0 and 1.
dup1.1.0000.gz should be created by the second dup1 run - confusingly, CADO isn't consistent on whether to start its indexing at 0 or 1. Assuming you did run dup1 a second time, what are the contents of dup1.stdout.2 and dup1.stderr.2?

The grep command is also not collecting all of the completed workunits, missing about 20M q worth. I've confirmed via spot check that the missing workunits appear in the log file with the same format as the collected workunits.
There's a chance I've been an idiot and somehow got the command wrong, so if anyone here spots a mistake, please don't hesitate to correct me. Otherwise you could attach the file and I'll see if I can get grep to work.
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