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Originally Posted by wombatman View Post
The first step:

/home/wombat/cado-nfs/build/Ben-PC/filter/dup1 -prefix dup1.2 -out /tmp/cado.v9x5al17/c212_snfs215.dup1/ -n 1 -filelist /tmp/cado.v9x5al17/c212_snfs215.dup1.filelist.3 > /tmp/cado.v9x5al17/c212_snfs215.dup1.stdout.3 2> /tmp/cado.v9x5al17/c212_snfs215.dup1.stderr.3
works fine.
This cannot have been the first dup1 command: the .3 endings on the files mean that it was the third. Try emptying the dup1 folder and trying again from the start; make sure you look back far enough in the .cmd file to find all the dup1 and dup2 commands.

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