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Some CADO-NFS questions and experiment points I'm pondering - any thoughts are quite welcome:

1. CADO-NFS provides a summary when it completes. I would typically abort the CADO-NFS LA stage, if the msieve LA is successfully running with a substantially ealier ETA. Should I let this one finish via CADO-NFS to provide a full dataset for you?

2. For the previous SNFS job, I was able to invoke a duplicate server on a Colab instance to sieve the area from 100k-150k and add those relations to the set provided to msieve. But, this used a provided polynomial. For this GNFS job, what CADO-NFS files would I need to use to invoke a parallel CADO-NFS server in a Colab instance in a similar manner to before? Would I need to use more than the snapshot file (modified for the qmin)?

3. I am toying with the idea of using a(n) RPi as a proxy for a CADO-NFS client. Is there a way I can have a machine (RPi or another incapable of meeting the memory requirements) act as a go between with a Colab instance? Basically, I want to have the RPi be seen as the client, which picks up the WUs and reassigns them to the Colab instance, then retrieves the WU results and uploads them to the server. I can copy files between the RPi and the Colab instance, but I can't run the Colab instance as a client to my server. (I actually don't want to open the server to machines outside my LAN.)
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