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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
However, if you'd like to just toss something together roughly for me at the 175 level, I could see how a 175/176 compares to the 168 I'm currently finishing. You could maybe slant it toward my large siever count vs. single LA machine.
This is just the sort of thing I'd be happy to do for you.

175 is a size where CADO chooses I=14, but I think A=28 or maybe I=15 are better choices. However, A=28 uses twice the memory of I=14, and I=15 is double again. Do you have enough RAM to run I=15? I think it's around 2.5GB per process, and you can choose the number of threads per process on the client command line with "--override t 4" to run, e.g. 4-threaded.

A=28 should be under 1.5GB per process; but I think you recently mentioned you are running an older CADO that doesn't recognise A... so we're choosing between I=14 and 15?
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