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Originally Posted by VictordeHolland View Post
Do you really need the unlimited data? Or can you use WIFI at home/university/work?

I don't know how providers do business in the USA, but $50 for unlimited doesn't sound like a good deal to me.

I may not be a heavy smartphone/tablet user but I use 4GB over WIFI and only 1GB over mobile network each month. I've set my phone to backup photo/video and update apps when connected to WIFI and to prefer WIFI connection over mobile network when both are connected.

I pay €13/month for a 2GB data plan + unlimited voice/text. If I used 90% of my data bundle I get a text message stating so. I can then (optionally) buy extra data for that month (1/3/5/10GB for €7,50/15/20/30). I've needed it once this year when I was on holiday in Denmark/Sweden and I wanted to backup my photo's over a mobile connection, a well spend €20 if you asks me.
I shouldn’t need the unlimited data, but the 2 gigabyte plan (plus unlimited to ice/text) through Straight Talk is $35, which is much better than Verizon, but clearly much more expensive than in other countries. I think that there are a couple factors leading to high service contract prices around here. First off, cell towers have to cover much more area per person than in other countries, and I’d assume they have to build extra for rural areas. Secondly, since internet access isn’t even available to some rural areas (our best option is DSL, and we’re lucky), people use their phone data for everything, which probably overloads the towers. Both could affect the prices, although perhaps US service providers are just getting away with really high prices

All I’ve looked at is Straight Talk and Verizon. When I told my dad about the lower price, he immediately took me to Wal-Mart so we could both get new SIM cards for the TracFone service (it seems that they’re the parent company of Straight Talk or something?). The $50 SIM card replacement kit came with a month of the $45 plan, which I guess is nice. No contract, so I can switch to different plans or providers whenever I want. It was pretty straightforward; remove old SIM card, put in the new one, go to their website, fill out their online forms, and bam, my phone was activated within 5 minutes.

Straight Talk also has a points reward system, letting you get a month of free service and whatnot. By using my dad's referral code (he did his phone before I did), we both got some points. If I find a better/cheaper plan while snooping around on the internet then I’ll switch over, otherwise I suppose this works
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