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If you're using Gnome Desktop, the following should be much simpler:

Note: for the following, my path to mprime is /home/math01/Mathwork/mprime/ and the script is stored in /home/math01/Mathwork/.

1. write a bash script using your favorite text editor
- - example:

cd /home/math01/Mathwork/mprime
gnome-terminal -e "./mprime"
- - (saved in /home/math01/Mathwork/ as

2. test bash script by opening a terminal in Mathwork and trying:
3. open System>Preferences>Startup Applications
4. choose Add
Name: Mprime Autorun
Command: bash /home/math01/Mathwork/
Comment: starts mprime at logon
5. choose Save
6. note that checkbox on left is checked
7. choose Close

You should be able to convert my paths to yours and add the mprime switches within the quotes.

This should now autorun in a terminal window whenever you log on.

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