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I've been trying to get to sleep without success..... I've been too busy
thinking about the difficulties.

It is clear that I need to fix the lattice reduction. However, the problem
with (c,d) possibly overflowing still remains. It would take a MAJOR
rewrite to allow (c,d) to exceed 32 bits. And the CWI tools can only
handle 30-bit (c,d) as well.

It is also how to proceed with my current effort. I can let the siever
keep running, on ever-larger special q's. But the yield rate will only
get worse. At the current rate I will need to sieve another 6 million
special q's. I have already sieved through 14 million of them.

Or I can fix the latred problems (which will take time) and go back and
resieve q's that have already been done.

I have reserved 2,1870L, but may have to release it until I can fix my
Does msieve handle lattice points whose coordinates are larger than
single precision ints?

Even if I fix the latred problem, I am still faced with losing valid relations
(c,d) = i * V1 + j * V2, when the multiplications overflow 32 (signed) bits.
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