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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
I've been trying to get to sleep without success..... I've been too busy
thinking about the difficulties.

It is clear that I need to fix the lattice reduction. However, the problem
with (c,d) possibly overflowing still remains. It would take a MAJOR
rewrite to allow (c,d) to exceed 32 bits. And the CWI tools can only
handle 30-bit (c,d) as well.

It is also how to proceed with my current effort. I can let the siever
keep running, on ever-larger special q's. But the yield rate will only
get worse. At the current rate I will need to sieve another 6 million
special q's. I have already sieved through 14 million of them.

Or I can fix the latred problems (which will take time) and go back and
resieve q's that have already been done.
At least until you get your siever fixed properly, have you thought about using composite special-q in the range which still works (assuming you've used only prime special-q)?

Assuming you are sieving the special-q on the rational side, I think it should not be too difficult to allow composite special-q's (on the algebraic side it would take more work). Might be worth doing as a quick measure to finish your current job.
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