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Default Parameter Underestimation

I am currently sieving 2,2166L.

I have been slowed down somewhat by electrical system
shutdowns and network shutdowns for maintenence.

However, my biggest slowdown has been a mis-estimate for
the input parameters.

I am using factor base bounds of 86million and 14million for the
rational and algebraic polynomials respectively. I am using 30 bit
large primes for both, and a sieve region of 8K x 16K for each special
q. I had orginally estimated that I would need about 12 million
special q's. I am already at 14 million and have only about 77% of
the needed relations. Further, the yield rate is now quite low: only
about 3.2 relations per q. I am going to have to do quite a bit more
sieving that I anticipated. YECH.
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