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Originally Posted by akruppa View Post
I fully agree that this feature is missing. Only problem is that in order to put the feature in, we'll have to rearrange some code - the ECM computations are part of the library, whereas the savefile I/O are part of the application. We'll either have to move the savefile I/O into the library, where it doesn't belong imho, or add some kind of callback interface. It'll happen eventually...

This feature missing and even more the inability to do interim saves during step 2 are the main reasons why I stopped attacking M1061. I don't want to lose 3 weeks of cpu-time during p-1ing with B1=5e11 (or even 1e12 ) and b2=2e15 due to a power outage or the need to transport my laptop and the windoze standby not working properly...

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