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Originally Posted by jasong View Post
You think that's annoying? Try ecming on wblipp's "Most Wanted" server. A lightning storm at the right(wrong?) time could make me cry like a little girl. (not really, but it's still really stressful).

I think it would be great if any curve that takes more than an hour could have a setable save feature.
I agree about the save feature. This time it was *only* three hours (normally I set B2 to 1 to avoid this kind of loss and do stage 2 later, but this time I forgot and Murphys Law striked), but one time I had lost 5 *days* of a p-1 stage 2 (was B1=150e9, B2=739,720,038,949,720) because I had to switch off the Laptop for transport and Standby did not work properly.
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