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Has anyone else ever encountered an error from the CWI solver
that says "too many orthogonal vectors" near the very end of the

I just got this message while doing the LA for 2,815-.

It is possible that I have some kind of memory/hardware problem.
This is the second time I have seen this. The last time I re-filtered
the data, re-ran the solver and things were fine.

Last night I tried backing up the computation to the last saved
checkfiles, but still had the same problem at the end.

I did some memory diagnostics with the BIOS, but turned up nothing.

Tonight, I will modify the software to ignore the condition and continue
the computation anywhere, but I do not expect success. I will burn
a CD, transfer the data to another machine and try re-running with the
same matrix, rather than re-filtering. This will tell me if it is likely a
software bug or a hardware problem.

But I will have to wait another 8 days for the result.

Ideas, anyone?
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