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Default LLR reservation

In the posts pelow you find some numbers to test; just claim the work, and copy/paste the numbers into the input file of the LLR-client.
Here some credits:
1500000-1535000 done by redgolpe
1535000-1580000 done by hhh
1580000-1625000 done by redgolpe
1625000-1650000 done by edorajh
1650000-1700000 done by edorajh
1700000-1750000 done by geoff
1750000-1800000 done by jokern3000
1800000-1950000 done by em9910pepe/hhh
1950000-2000000 done by geoff
2000000-2100000 done by jasong
2100000-2200000 done by geoff
2200000-2210000 done by japelprime
2210000-2250000 done by geoff
2250000-2300000 done by geoff
2300000-2350000 done by geoff
2350000-2400000 reserved by SB2
2400000-2500000 reserved by SB2last 30000done
2500000-2550000 done by hhh
2550000-2600000 done by geoff
2600000-2800000 reserved by jasong
2800000-2850000 done by geoff

Please make sure not to post the residues here, but to send them to p r i m e c u l l e n p r i m e y a h o o d e

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