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Originally Posted by jocelynl View Post
Sorry to have wasted your precious time.
this was my very last post to this forum and won't ever come back.


Your failure to return will be of no loss to most of us.

As for "wasting your precious time", your should take Dr. Mayer's suggestions and, in any forum,:

(1) unless you are discussing the efficiency of code for an algorithm that has been established to be efficient, please avoid implementation details. Discuss proposed algorithms in "pseudo-code" that is implementation independent and easier for everyone to understand. Most of us do not stay current on thirty or forty, or more, implentation languages that are still around. (I can still run IPL-V. But I DARE you to understand those old programs :) )

(2) analyze the "complexity" of your proposed algorithm and be prepared to compare it to other established algorithms.

In these circles, you need to make AN ATTEMPT to justify why your proposal has merit. If you think that it does, but cannot make the justification, it is quite permissible to show that you have made an effort to do so, isolate the "sticking points", and ask for assistance in resolving them.

You might be surprised, but even "the worst ogre" here is actually helpful when he is approached appropriately. Lesser trolls are even more approachable.

(For the record, ewmayer was polite in his response. Beware the ogre!)


PS: I am not "the worst ogre" mentioned above.
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