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Originally Posted by jocelynl View Post
Sorry to have wasted your precious time.
If this were a first-time post along these lines I would've been more patient, but in your case it's at least the 4th or 5th such thing. At some point you've gotta expect that other people will get tired at you basically asking them to do your homework for you. And yes, some of us *do* value our time, and get annoyed at having to to spend it debunking one bogus New! Improved!!! I-Don't-Know-Why-It-Works-But-It-Seems-Really-Fast-For-Exponents-Below-5000!!! thread after another.

Given the time you've spent around here and the fact that you clearly know enough about UBasic to even code such a test, there's simply no good excuse not to do a little bit of digging and ask yourself "hmm - I wonder why it works?" before starting a thread claiming to have found a new Mersenne primality test.
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