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Originally Posted by jocelynl
Yes Paul, that is excatly what I meant. As the numbers grow it will take more and more time to do. It will be kind of stuck at working on the many low digits numbers for a long time. With today's technology what is the highest number (in digits) that can be done with SNFS in a reasonable amount of time (months)?

Aoki Just did 6,353- C274 (about 911 bits) with SNFS. It took
them several months.

Allow me to quote John Selfridge: (paraphrased)

factoring will ALWAYS be a difficult problem, because any new method is
very quickly applied and pushed to its limits.

We have not yet reached the limit for NFS, even when restricted to just the
Cunningham project.

BTW, the definition of "reasonable" will vary from person to person.
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