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Originally Posted by Stargate38 View Post
P43 factor of C88 found by ecm.

ecm: 64/150 curves on C88, B1=250K, B2=gmp-ecm default, ETA: 21 sec
ecm: found prp43 factor = 2142249281864552971319672366351205960114907
ecm: 67/150 curves on C46, B1=250K, B2=gmp-ecm default, ETA: 21 sec
fac: setting target pretesting digits to 14.15
        t15: 51.14
        t20: 19.60
        t25: 2.39
        t30: 0.22
        t35: 0.02
fac: estimated sum of completed work is t26.11
fac: QS time estimation from tune data = 0.05 sec
fac: GNFS time estimation from tune data = 10.29 sec
pretesting / qs ratio was 4886.50
Total factoring time = 39.3250 seconds

***factors found***

P43 = 2142249281864552971319672366351205960114907
P46 = 1074732871675494834696515187318946620981020017

ans = 1
So far, that's my largest ECM find. I was very lucky to find it. From this sequence (i11)
Congrats, 64 curves @ B1=250k is super lucky. You'd expect to run over 500k curves before finding a 43 digit factor with B1=250k
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