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You can get the files.....
But it's not trivial to pull the functions into Python, because the numbers aren't stored in the same format -- Python doesn't use PARI GENs. (This doesn't apply if you stick strictly to functions taking long and ulong values, and returning the same or void, but that won't apply to many elliptic functions.) You might consider using one ofto simplify this for you. If not, I suggest using gp2c to wrap the whole process from a declared long or ulong to your desired output to get at least a rough draft.
The problem is I can't find any documentation on how to use cypari, I can't install cypari2 due to cysignals, pari-python is too old.

Could you plz guide me how to pass a vector/array into PARI using python by calling a finction of PARI through the use of ctypes?

And do you have any information about the documents on cypari? Thanks.

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